Our specialty is Growlers!   We have on tap, 20 of the best tasting,  highest rated brew’s, ciders and root beer available!   Keep posted here and on Facebook as to what’s new on tap!  Also,  let us know what you would like for us to offer,  we are always looking for the best suds there are!

Our name is Mixers & More for a reason, and we had better have mixers available!  Whether your making Margaritas,  Dirty Martini’s, or just plain ole Rum and Coke,  Mixers carries the mix!   Remember,  up to 80% of your drink is mixer,  make it the best drink possible with one of our premium products!


Bar Foods!   While relaxing with friends socializing or just sitting in front of your flat screen watching your favorite show, nothing compliments your cocktail of choice than the perfect tasty tid bits Mixers has to offer!   From our mouth watering “Don’s Cheese and Olive Medleys” to pickled products (our pickled eggs are amazing!), olives, shooters, sausages, chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels, creative snacks, chips,  and MORE,  we have a snack for every palate and desire!


Smokes!   What’s more relaxing than going through the ritual of selecting the perfect “stick”, smelling the premium tobacco,  gently snipping off the end, and then carefully lighting the tip as you puff on the creamy, billowy blanket of pure smoking pleasure?  I can’t think of a thing!   Mixers has three large humidors which contain the perfectly humidified premium cigars with a selection for every aficionado!  We also carry humidors, cutter, lighters, ash trays, butane/lighter fluid and other cigar accessories!
i love beerBottle/canned beer.   We might be small,  but we are huge in the brews we offer in bottle, cans, and singles!   We keep most of these chilled and ready to load into your coolers or fridge!   Check out our wonderful selection of popular and hard to get brews!

Lottery!   Pick your winning ticket at Mixers!   We are the newest Lottery agent in the area.  If you believe in beginners luck, and we certainly do,  Mixers is where you should be purchasing the lucky winner!  Put us both on the map and become a millionaire right at our store!   We would LOVE to see you win!